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The history of our company dates back to 1995 when Krzysztof Strzała – the current owner of Anika Trans – started a transportation company with his brother. Thanks to their joint efforts, they managed to buy a three-axle Jelcz truck and a refrigerated trailer. They started their operation from transporting meat from Poland to Russia, mainly to St. Petersburg and Moscow.

Just a year later, Krzysztof Strzała started his own transportation company. In 1998 Anika Trans was brought to life in the form of a civil partnership. The first years of our existence were characterised by very dynamic development: at first, we had just five vehicles, in 2000 the number grew to 7, in 2004 it was already 20, and in 2008 we had 28 of them.

During that time, we were mostly focused on transportation of frozen goods between the European Union and Russia. In our peak period we carried out over 600 cargo runs per year.

In 2009, the Russian Federation started implementing its aggressive foreign policy regarding Polish transportation companies by limiting the number of operating permits. From that point on we decided that the best course of action would be to ensure geographic diversification of our operations, limiting the company’s growth and maximising the efficiency of our fleet.


Krzysztof Strzała


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Mateusz Dębski


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Currently, our company has 25 modern DAF and Volvo trucks, coupled with refrigerated trailers and food tank containers. This allows us to transport goods in controlled temperatures and to carry out ADR transportation in Europe and Asia, thus giving us the ability to provide a broad range of services. Transportation of corrosive materials, transportation of dangerous goods or medicines, transportation to Kazakhstan or transportation of dangerous cargo to Russia – we will gladly perform such services for you.

Our car park is protected by security and under constant surveillance, and our warehouse is adapted for storing and handling of neutral cargo. We have the knowledge required to fill in documents necessary for cargo clearance outside of the European Union (TIR Carnet, CMR, EPI). We make customs clearance an easy and painless process.

We consider our partner approach to all of our Clients our greatest asset. We also believe that timely and correct performance of all orders pays dividends in the future and makes our Clients come back to us. We do our best to ensure the fastest and the most reliable flow of information from our drivers and freight forwarders to our Client). In order to do so, we provide our Clients with up to date GPS coordinates of our vehicles and show reliable estimates and dates on which the cargo may be delivered.

We also focus on the fact that our transportation company is, to a large extent, a family enterprise. The majority of our office employees have had contact with the transportation industry from early childhood. Every person working for us knows the industry not only from the standpoint of a freight forwarder, but also that of a mechanic or a driver. Such extensive experience allows us to be fully flexible and to quickly eliminate the effects of unpredictable events and emergencies.