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Our transportation company from Sokołów covers the entire Europe, as well as several regions of Asia. In the history of our company, we visited almost every single country in the aforementioned areas. Currently, based on the principle of specialisation, we focus on the following countries and regions:

  • •The United Kingdom
  • •Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)
  • •Germany
  • •Italy
  • •CEE countries (especially Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Greece)
  • •Russia
  • •Countries of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan)

However, we remain open for cooperation regarding all destination. We never leave our Partners without help, and even if we are not able to carry out a given order, we will advise you on who and how will be able to help you.



By choosing Anika Trans, you ensure that your goods are transported safely and in timely manner. Millions of kilometres covered by our drivers and their rigs, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of goods transported, the history of the company spanning 20 years – it all brings dividends in the form of our unique know-how. We know how to control the logistics process. We know how to deal with all obstacles and how to make our one-time Clients return to us.

Our highly-qualified staff ensures courteousand professional contact, while the experienced drivers do their best to make sure that your cargo is safe, transported in optimal conditions and delivered to a designated place on time.

Our standard rig – one of the 25 owned by us – comprises:

  • •DAF or Volvo truck compliant with Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards
  • •Schmitz or Krone refrigerated trailers with Thermoking or Carrier refrigeration units
  • •full ADR equipment, allowing us to load dangerous cargo at companies such as BASF
  • •a set of 33 palettes and 4 safety poles

Moreover, we also offer refrigerated trailers with double floors, which allow for loading of up to 66 pallets, which are used for transportation of light and non-stackable cargo. We also added Wielton food tank containers to our offer, allowing us to transport liquid food products, especially those that need controlled temperature (such as oil and chocolate).

Our drivers undergo periodic training on a regular basis, comply with the regulations regarding working hours as per the Regulation (EC) No 561/2006, have all qualifications necessary for transporting dangerous cargo, as well as forklift permits.

Our extensive service staff, trained in the best service centres, combined with modern vehicles minimises the risk of a breakdown during the transport. It is especially important in the case of transporting goods that require maintaining constant temperature – especially food products and medicines intended for consumption.

Transportation of dangerous cargo, fresh goods and ADR – we can offer you that – and much more. Contact us!